Akintayo Akintobi
MFA Candidate


Artist Statement

Over the years, I have enjoyed breaking down figures, objects, landscapes, imaginations and emotions into shapes for easy representation. This fascination led me to explore work on geometric shapes, organic forms and symbolic representations. This is used to portray the machinations of the mind, appearances and allegorical Andikra symbols. I see shapes as one of the simplest forms to experience, therefore I break my experiences and imaginations into shapes which are expressed through the use of colors that convey the theme of what has been etched into my mind.

People react differently to situations in  society, likewise, people react to diverse colors as it has the power to set an atmosphere. These expressions vary depending on the fragmented images on my mind, which I hope the viewers would experience.

My art is a repertoire of inspiration from my imaginations, personal experiences, societal influences, and trado - the cultural insights in my home country which I employ to communicate salient meanings.  I am dedicated to explore these paths as my art metamorphoses into a new phase.