Benjamin Conley
MFA Candidate


Artist Statement

The ever-approaching shift in climate and the havoc it may have on the environment guides my work as a type of central objective or primary thematic structure. Climate change as a theme is an extremely diverse mode of subject matter, technique, and form. Thus, the work I presently produce exists as an avenue of exploration and experimentation. I have yet to solidify a specific narrative arrangement, but the visual consistency is focused on the connection, hybridization, and amalgamation of the human and animal form regarding climate change. Oftentimes, this fusion of forms can create a certain uneasiness in the viewer, but simultaneously juxtaposed by the whimsical humor of hybridization. Through the visual manifestation of hybridization, the narrative can shift focus to not only a climate perspective, but a conceptual framework that displays a contorted human and animal form. Through the climate narrative and a concentration on the human and animal form, the works become an exploration of the body and the natural world.