Caitlin Maltbie
MFA Candidate


Artist Statement

 The kitchen has always been a place that I have experienced dread and solace simultaneously. Living in a world of diet culture, near constant criticism about weight or food consumption damaged my relationship with food. In addition to having several food intolerances, it has become even harder to look at the kitchen. Armed with so many fond memories from childhood I find myself gravitating back to the kitchen seeking that familiar comfort. 


I strive to communicate those feelings using mundane imagery such as everyday kitchen utensils and sweet treats that are universally familiar. While doing this I am also referencing my specific experiences by selecting items that hold special meaning to me. In some of my work I create imagery that purposely deceives the viewers by taking the shape of cakes and candies that I can no longer consume. By using sweet treats as an appealing lure the viewer then comes in for a closer inspection only to realize it's not what it appears to be. From this surprise a conversation can bloom between the viewer and I, forming a sort of solidarity about not being able to eat these desserts. This body of work is an invitation into my mind and to share my own experiences as a person who has dietary restrictions.