Brad Owens
MFA Candidate


Artist Statement

My life as an artist has been focused on individual expression and vision. My work is an attempt to allow the viewer to see through my eyes, if only for a moment. I began with drawing and was primarily concerned with acrylics through my undergraduate program. Since graduating, I have discovered a love of photography, and that has been my recent focus. I am attracted to visually striking compositions with a strong emphasis on line and light. My images tend to evoke a feeling of unbalance, a view that is slightly off center, and an idea of beauty found in the everyday.

My photographs are typically sharp and vivid with a sense of composition. I like for my images to be easily read from left to right, mimicking the way we read books in the Western world. My background in English has prompted this characteristic. I sometimes shift the balance in order to create a more engaging image and a slightly unexpected view.

As with any art form, there is a marriage of message to medium in my art. My images tend to be nostalgic and contemplative. Presently, my work has focused on serene landscapes and calm atmospherics in order to offset the oppressiveness of the pandemic in our country. I recently completed a series on technology and visual media, which was an attempt to deal with the new reality of being solely online in work and most of life.