Department of Art & Design
Candidacy Review

Second year students will schedule a Candidacy Review during the Fall or Spring semester.  It is recommended for students to take the review after completing 24 credits, however, some faculty have expressed preference for the Fall semester.  


Reviews usually last between 1-2 hours.  The purpose of the review is for the committee to determine the student’s progress in the MFA program.  Committees are comprised of 3 faculty (advisor + 2 faculty) and will make recommendations to aid the student in the final year of study.  Candidacy Review documents will be completed by the Advisor and serve the Department only.  The graduate school does not need correspondence unless the outcome is unsatisfactory. 


The student should initiate the Committee Appointment Form on the graduate school website during the semester of the Candidacy Review.  This form serves to designate the committee for Thesis. 


Student:  Email faculty to ask if they will serve on your committee


Faculty Advisor:  Work with the student to determine a date and place for the review