Laura Schroeder
MFA Candidate


Artist Statement

Responsibility for the environment is something I take seriously in my practice.  Choosing to use only natural or recycled materials demonstrates convictions about waste in the textile industry, but also creates challenges and surprises that add interest to each piece.  Finding resources for materials has been difficult at times but has also forced me to become a more adaptable artist and to develop new techniques that I may not have utilized previously.  Not limiting myself to traditional materials that are found in practical garments has allowed my work to be more concept-driven and flexible than it ever was before. I have developed new ways of ideation and thought development. As I collect discarded materials, I let them cultivate into new ideas naturally, employing each material for its unique characteristics and properties.


Using sewing and other techniques, I have focused on creating three-dimensional textile-based art. As I investigate textiles as a material, and its cultural context, I have become even more bewitched. Because textiles are used to create personal objects that frame our lives, they have a powerful ability to convey emotion. We all wear clothing that intimately lays next to our bare skin.  We all have personal connections to objects made with textiles.


Recently, I have used this sympathetic ability textiles have to convey emotion through my work. I attribute this approach to my background in garment creation. Using garments as an objective material, I am able to reference the human body through symbols like buttons and zippers, sleeves, and the fabric itself. Using these properties, I create personified sculptures, organisms, that represent feelings and states of mind that I observe.