Shanna Glawson
MFA 2021


Artist Statement

My Western North Carolina Appalachian heritage has made craft an integral part of my work. I am a sculptor because I have a passion for turning my intangible visions into a tangible reality. Spirituality is a major contemporary art theme that I explore in my own body of work and therefore my art emphasizes the metaphysical through the physical. The intentions of my art and its process is to serve as a vehicle meant to seek the unseekable and speak the unspeakable. My process tends to be very repetitive and tedious in nature and therefore ties in a more meditative approach to idealizing universal beauty.  I use the traditional materials of wood, metal, and light in unconventional ways to explore the subtle messages and metaphors that occur when these materials are combined in a dynamic manner. I have found delight in transforming multiple mediums through texture, carving, casting, assembling, painting, and manipulation of form. Artists who have actively inspired my work are Donald Lipski, Barbara Hepworth, and Marisol Escobar.